Working with Lissie was one of the best experiences of my professional career. Her positivity, creativity and support weren’t just a joy to be around, they taught me about making the most of every opportunity and enjoying the time you have with the great people you work with.
— CHARLIE PICKERING – ABC's The Weekly and internationally renowned stand up comic

Lissie Turner is refreshingly authentic and ridiculously talented in her ability to transfer a concept to an audience who have barely considered the topic that she is covering. Having worked in the field of edutainment, coaching and events for over 15 years and having seen every great speaker, Lissie packs a punch and is truly memorable. She leaves you needing to know more, wanting to live a better life and understanding that a new perspective, a new way is possible. She will become one of my trusted, truest keynote speakers. Thanks Lissie, describing your speaking as “captivating” is an understatement. Make sure you give yourself the gift of hearing Lissie speak. You will walk away with a new perspective and the world will again feel ‘fresh.’
— RHIANNON REES – Master Business Coach, Executive Coach, Author 'How to Climb Mt Everest in Sandals'

In my career as a host of “Roots n All’ on Triple j, Lissie was my hero. To this day I regard her as Australia’s best broadcaster: funny, Intelligent and very cool under pressure. I’ve since been lucky enough to call her my Media Manager for several album campaigns. Again, she is the best in this field I know! By far! To say she has a way with words is an understatement. She has the ability to take what someone does and put it in the best possible context, whilst never resorting to bending the truth. She just ‘gets it’ and translates it to the intended audience.
— ASH GRUNWALD – Australia’s most prolific modern bluesmen