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Ekam Festival
Bonny Hills NSW


'I so loved this course....what an absolutely essential aspect of womens lives that has been largely forgotten by us all....thank you for enlightening us so we can be the change.' Sarah.

Living Hormoniously 4 phases workshops are wonderful dynamic opportunities for women to come together to speak, listen and grow through the knowledge, triumphs, challenges, tears and laughter of other women sharing the same phases of their hormonal journeys. Lissie lovingly invites all women inthe menstruating phase of life, to join her at 1:30om at the Talks Tent at Ekam Festival Saturday 14th September

Come share your wisdom, connect with your community in this specific and supportive way, learn more about you as you learn about others. Society is structured to be lonely, let's rebel in the most wonderful of ways - with connection.


dissolving patterns 21-day program

21 days of yoga therapy to dismantle negative patterns at the three levels: physical, physiological and psychological.

The daily commitment is very small - 1.5 hrs per day for 21 days. The program includes an initial 1.5 hour one-to-one consult, (which includes prescription for your personalised home practice), 1 hour and 15 minutes of daily practice of yoga asana (physical movement) and breath work specific to breaking negative patterns at all levels of the constitution, plus the introduction each day of a topic to begin to identify, embrace, accept and progress.

Each day you will receive further wisdom to your inbox to explore and are encouraged to initiate into your own daily routines. Whilst there will be a large focus at the body level to the effects of drugs, alcohol and toxic dietary patterns the program is designed to target ANY form of existing negative pattern; targeting the dissolution of any intake or behaviour that has become an addiction ie something that induces stress at the thought of living without but living with, only cultivates more suffering.

Each student will receive their own specific practice prescribed for their own individual needs, this practice will be explored at home in the days leading into the 21 day program, as well as on our home practice days – which will be two days of every seven. The other 5 days will be spent here, together in group practice – learning the breath techniques that will, with time and practice, progress you to a place of strong self-governance; in physical practice – to comfortably explore the full potential of your own amazing body; and in study – of the philosophies that enable us to understand ‘what is mind’.

The course will commence at 6:00 am each weekday, when we will be together at The Yoga Shack for just a short 1.5hrs and each weekend day will be your day of self-determination in your home environment – days where you will explore the practice that you’ve be given and begin to implement these tools in your daily life.

A deposit of $175 is required to secure your place as numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants only, this is to ensure maximum attention to the needs of you as an individual.

We know deeply the capacity of the human spirit for immense change and we have the deepest determination right there with you.

If you have any queries or concerns, no matter how big or small – PLEASE have no hesitation, just write and we will respond.

COST $425

This is a gathering of precious people in an enriching and purposeful way.

10th - 30th October
6:00 - 7:00am